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I began drawing for its obvious function- to express my thoughts and ideas. Communicating is a crucial yet constant struggle for me.  The more I drew, the more the images on the pages began to take on a new function, a new language.  My discovery of this new language created with a pencil and paper was one made up of patterns and grids formed by the curves and details of the picture.  It was as if the images I was drawing was my way of experiencing a breakdown, and this breakdown was my breakthrough.  I had discovered a new way to communicate thus beginning my career as a tattoo artist. 

I have worked as a tattoo artist all over the United States from New York to Hawaii and every where in between. I am licensed to tattoo in three states, have my Red Cross Certification and experienced in cross contamination and blood borne pathogen prevention and protection. Your health and safety are my #1 priority first and foremost. 

There is an endless source of information that can be created through the use of a tattoo machine and a variety of colors.  I became, and am still, intrigued by this process. Over the last 24 years I have worked at perfecting my gifts and talent and my ability to interpret what a client wants into a reflection on their skin gives me a sense of pride. This outlet allows me to create what one cannot put into exact words but hey don't they say a picture is worth a thousand words…….. and it’s true. My specialties include Japanese art, black and grey and coverups.

The ink I leave on you will last a lifetime but my artwork is not just an image on your skin……., it’s my fingerprint…. It is my legacy.

Ron Dellisanti 

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